• Cross-Roads

    Cross-Roads is the College/Career ministry at LBT. We meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for Bible studies. We also do various activities throughout the year. Come check us out!


    Mike & Katie Gilin- S.T.A.N.D Seeking Together A New Direction. If you are in your mid twenties to early thirties....you have the odds against you. The odds being there is over a 75% chance you will stop going to church. We have seen friend after friend...couple after couple....FALL out of church...FALL into worldly lifestyles...and FALL out of love with God. That's why our age group needs to unite and STAND!  

  • Home Builders

    Dan and Krista Pittman - Home builders is for parents and young couples just starting out.  Our ministry exists to equip our team with simple and practical applications from God's word.  Our goal is to provide needed growth, fellowship, and enjoyment for these couples as they deal with real world issues.

  • The Ambassador Class 

    Jerry and Jackie Gilin - The Ambassador Class is an adult Bible study for individuals and couples in the 35 to 60 age range. Meeting each Sunday morning at 9:45, we take an in-depth and focused look at the books of the Bible. We do so, in a relaxed atmosphere which invites discussion and contribution from the class members.

  • The Banner Class

    Dave and Linda Russell & Carmen and Carolyn Copeland - The Banner Class is for our Seniors. They meet on Sunday morning for Bible Study and do various activities throughout the year. This generation is a key part of LBT as they have set the example for our younger generations!


    GIFTED is the single Ladies ministry of LBT, headed up by Kathy Harmon our Pastor's wife.

  • Choir

    Our adult choir sings in both the Sunday morning and Sunday evening services, as well as at special meetings during the year. It is our desire to prepare the hearts of those in church for the preaching of God's Word by what we sing and how we sing it. We encourage each member who loves music to get involved in our adult choir. We practice once a week (Sunday morning from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

  • LBT Praise and Worship

    LBT Praise and Worship team is lead by Tim Wallace.  This team provides a message in music to lift up the name of God in song.  

  • First Impressions

    First Impressions - This team is designed to welcome everyone at LBT. Especially if you are a visitor. At LBT we what to make sure that your first impression is a Great impression