• Missionaries to Belgium
    Tom & Toni Anderson


  • Missionaries to New Guinea
    Frank & Karon Auterson


  • Missionaries to France
    Mr. & Mrs. Lance Auterson


  • Missionaries to Japan
    Bob & Mariko Barley


  • Missionaries to Tanzania
    Aaron & Stephanie Boon


  • Missionaries to the Siox Nation
    Mick & Kay Baumgartner


  • Missionaries to Hawaii
    Azra & Ruth Brown


  • Missionaries with Manna Worldwide
    Curt & Melinda Brown


  • Hendersons-Missionaries to Bolivia


  • DeShon's-Missionaries to Turkey

    Merhaba (hello) from Turkey! After a long, grueling, but blessed 48 hour journey from the USA, we are back in Turkey. The goal now is to get our house settled again, the girls settled into the routine of school, and to begin to look for potential places to rent for a new office. People have already expressed interest in coming to English classes and have even offered to spread the word. Please pray that God will bless this new endeavor by helping us to find the right place soon. 

  • Haryney's-Missionaries with Kool Kids Ministries

    To all of you who helped to make this trip possible, thank you, thank you and thank you! What a week we had! There were 40 kids from the orphanage and 18 Ukrainian workers who participated in the camp. The big challenge, well, they all speak Ukrainian, and we, not so much! But with the help of interpreters, and a lot of help from the Lord we were still able to make some lasting connections.  God is doing a work in Ukraine, and thanks to your support and prayers, you have a part in what He is doing. To God be the Glory!

  • Weaver's-Missionaries to Belize

     Many of you know the Maya people believed the end of the world would be 12/21/12. It is so sad to see these people become so excited and spend so much effort on false hopes. One of the teenagers came to the compound to talk with me about salvation. Praise God she had the courage to follow through and accept Christ as her Savior. Our reading and writing classes are going well. Our students are reading simple Bible verses. It is so encouraging to us to see this happen. The feeding center is still providing hot meals for children and families are attending services.

  • Hart's-Missionaries to Mozambique

    Over the last three months, we have visited 39 churches, traveled 15,000 miles, and been very encouraged by Fellowship with our supporting churches. It has been for us a very refreshing and encouraging time, even though the travel sometimes has been hard.. We have a little less than four months before we head back to Mozambique and we desire to be a blessing in the rest of our appointments. Work on the Bible Institute building has progressed in our absence and according to reports I have received we will be painting when we arrived back on the field. 

  • Todd's-Missionaries to Argentina

    If you have a good memory you might remember a few years ago me talking about a brother and sister who would come around when I was working on our building. They had no idea what a church was and no concept of who God was. Back then Sandy had the opportunity to explain to them about God. Well time has passed since then, four years to be exact. The kids have grown and moved to a different neighborhood. But at our last children’s activity they were there. I gave a lesson using the wordless book and both Javier and Brisa made professions of faith. Praise the Lord!

  • Moore's-Missionaries to Singapore

    Thank you so much for continuing to pray for Sharon. She had cataract surgery on her left eye the first week in December. As with the operation on her right eye, this one was highly successful. She will still have to wear glasses because of an astigmatism, but she can see so much more clearly now.